We provide the best bedding for alpacas.  Check out our prints for...


We provide the best bedding for sheep.  Check out our prints for...


Our swine producers utilize HOOF-PRINT for shipping to provide a...

Welcome to Animal Bedding  Company!

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“We eliminated any possible dust pollution in our animal bedding in order to deliver the purest organic products to our customers.“

about us

“We have assembled the best team whose members will gladly share their healthy lifestyle and experiences with you.“

what about absorption?

“Our print absorbs moisture better than straw or wood choppings“

featured SALE

Hoof-Print is a dust extracted, triple cleaned, chopped up corrugated cardboard manufactured from virgin cardboard.

Hoof-Print Sale

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Join us on April 22 at the London Poultry Show


featured PRODUCT

FORK-PRINT is “dream come true” FORK which is an entegral part of HOOF-PRINTS performance.

fork print